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Moonrise China Partners I LP

Fund-raise round announced on 09 February 2018


Moonrise China Partners I LP planned to raise $100.00 M. So far, no amount has been raised. The first sale is yet to occur. There was no minimum investment amount for this issue. The amount is being raised through the issue of Pooled Investment Fund Interests.

Moonrise China Partners I LP, a Limited Partnership incorporated in DELAWARE, filed a new Form D on 09 February 2018 announcing this fund raise. It listed its industry as Pooled Investment Fund.

Date of filing: 09 February 2018
Type of filing: New
Offering size: 100,000,000 USD
Amount Raised: NIL
Type of security: Pooled Investment Fund Interests
Registration Exemptions: 06b, 3C, 3C.1, 3C.7

Issuer Profile

Moonrise China Partners I LP is a Limited Partnership incorporated in the state of DELAWARE. It was formed in the year 2018.

Central Index Key0001728698
Entity TypeLimited Partnership
Incorporation Year 2018
Address 268 MASON STREET, None, GREENWICH, CT 06830
Phone Number203-544-2303
Previously Known As
Revenue RangeNot Applicable
Aggregate Net Asset Value RangeDecline To Disclose

Issuer's Personnel

The issuer has disclosed 2 executives, directors and promoters.

Name: N/A Moonrise China Partners GP I LLC
Designation: Executive Officer

Name: Donald Pascal
Designation: Executive Officer