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C3 IoT, Inc.

Fund-raise round announced on 26 March 2018


C3 IoT, Inc. planned to raise $97.03 M. So far, they have raised $97.03 M. The first sale took place on 29 August 2016. There was no minimum investment amount for this issue. 89 investors have participated in this issuance. The amount is being raised through the issue of Equity,Others.

C3 IoT, Inc., a Corporation incorporated in DELAWARE, filed a new Form D on 26 March 2018 announcing this fund raise. It listed its industry as Other Technology.

Date of filing: 26 March 2018
Type of filing: New
Offering size: 97,030,281 USD
Amount Raised: 97,030,281 USD
Type of security: Equity, Others
Registration Exemptions: 06b

Issuer Profile

C3 IoT, Inc. is a Corporation incorporated in the state of DELAWARE.

Central Index Key0001577526
Entity TypeCorporation
Incorporation Year More than 5 years ago
Address 1300 SEAPORT BLVD, SUITE 500, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063
Phone Number650-503-2200
Previously Known AsC3, Inc.
Revenue RangeDecline To Disclose
Aggregate Net Asset Value RangeDecline To Disclose

Issuer's Personnel

The issuer has disclosed 12 executives, directors and promoters.

Name: Thomas Siebel
Designation: Executive Officer, Director

Name: Ed Abbo
Designation: Executive Officer, Director

Name: Spencer Abraham
Designation: Director

Name: Nehal Raj
Designation: Director

Name: Patricia House
Designation: Director

Name: Richard Levin
Designation: Director

Name: Michael McCaffery
Designation: Director

Name: Condoleeza Rice
Designation: Director

Name: S. Sastry
Designation: Director

Name: Stephen Ward, Jr.
Designation: Director

Name: Bruce Sewell
Designation: Director

Name: Paul Phillips
Designation: Executive Officer